Tuesday, July 1, 2008

fruit kabob

fruit kabob, defiantly not an excitingly new recipe, but i guess a new idea or way to eat fruit!
addie loved this, putting it together herself and then devouring it!

cut up your favorite fruits or whatever is in your fridge. poke them onto a skewer and eat!

side note: i cut the poky end off of my little ones skewer so that i didnt have to go the hospital in the middle of this fun snack!

have fun with your little one, while eating healthy!


ashley b said...

very cute idea! Gage would love this!

Tatum said...

I'm dying laughing at your side note. Not that it's not true. I love the pictures the colors are so vibrant!

Lexi said...

Jessica, how do I post on here?

Ashley Madsen said...

Such a smart idea!!! I love all the ideas of letting them do things themselves. Keeps them entertained.