Sunday, November 2, 2008

pomegranate trick

i always wondered how in the world you were suppose to eat a pomegranate. until one day i was watching food network. let me share the secret to getting all those little seeds out!

you cut it in half...

take a spoon of any kind that is sturdy, like a wooden or metal spoon,
holding it over a plate or bowl,
and whack the heck out of the back of it!
and popping out come all those little seeds.

you can eat these plain. or try something new and sprinkle them over vanilla ice cream or yogurt.
*careful, these stain very easy!

does anyone have any other tricks in the kitchen?


Lexi said...

this is so helpful, i was just complaining last week that my fingers were all red from trying to dig the seeds out!

Anonymous said...

try mixing the seeds with melted chocolate, like morsels. drop Tbl. spoonfuls on wax paper to harden. that's it to heaven. i hope you'll try!!

LJ said...

I painstakingly peel back every speck of peel and eat every seed and get totally pink in the process. That's my trick about pomegranates. The anal "I'm going to eat every last seed if it kills me" trick.

Unknown said...

your trick totally works. though I wasn't able to get all the seeds out and keep the peel in one piece as well as you have. thanks for posting.